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Lawn care tips from Husqvarna - how to cultivate your soil

The soil in your garden is a living organism that needs air, water and nourishment. 这就是为什么耕作(或土壤耕作)对于健康的花园至关重要的原因。 这也是我们推出一个有关该主题的指南的原因。

With time, the soil underneath your lawn or in your flowerbeds will become less healthy. It may be compacted, which means the small pockets of air beneath the surface are squeezed together, making the soil lose its structure. When this happens, water and nutrients can no longer move through the soil, making it difficult for roots to grow and plants to flourish. 这种土壤需要开垦或耕作,主要通过挖掘土壤然后以护根物或腐殖质的形式添加养分或土壤改良剂,从而让空气进入土壤。 When digging, there are a number of techniques to try out:

Basic digging

The most elemental way of giving a bit of first aid to your dirt is to grab a shovel, dig away, turn over the soil and chop it up. Then, if necessary, add nutrients and humus to the soil before returning it.

Single digging

通过一次挖掘,您可以有效地按照统一的标准来覆盖花园区域。 Divide the area into strips and dig a small trench about 25-30 centimetres wide and a spade’s depth. Place the soil to the side, leaving the trench empty. 移至下一条,从这一条中挖出相同量的土壤,然后将土倒入第一条沟中,并且一边走一边分开土块。 Continue on with the digging and moving of soil until the whole garden has been worked. 最后,使用您留在第一条沟旁的土壤填满最后一条沟。

Surface cultivation

If your soil is not compacted, it might just do with a shallow cultivation. Just use a tined-rake or hoe and try not to disturb the soil’s structure below a depth of about 5-8 centimetres.

The no-dig approach

A well-conditioned lawn is not necessarily in need of a dig. Mulching over the soil in layers of organic matter to a depth of 6-10 centimetres should be sufficient. At planting time, rake away the mulch prior to seed sowing.

When not to dig

If your soil is overly moist, you should refrain from digging to avoid damaging the soil structure.

Finally, remember that the keyword is always loose. Your plants need minerals, air, water and organic substances to thrive. The best way to achieve this is to work the earth, turn the soil and add humus.


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