Automower 550 in commercial faciility

A proven lawn maintenance solution trusted by commercial property managers

Husqvarna Automower® offers a range of benefits for your commercial property management. Robotics allow you to decrease your landscaping budget, avoid the pressures of labor shortages, and improve the safety and security of a property— all while ensuring the perfect turf 24/7.


Perfect turf 24/7

Husqvarna's robotic mowing solutions ensure the turf on your property appears professional and freshly mowed 24/7, regardless of labor pressures, while improving the property's safety and security.

Automower 550

Reduce turf maintenance costs

For many commercial property managers, Automower® solutions can often help to reduce the overall labor and equipment costs related to turf maintenance while delivering perfect results.

Manage your Automower® fleet

Stay in control of your fleet of Husqvarna robotic mowers. With Husqvarna Fleet Services™ and the Automower® Connect app, you – and only you – can easily monitor and control your mowers from anywhere. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to change settings and receive alerts. Plus, you'll enjoy GPS-based map localization with a theft tracking function.