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Forestry Tools and Axes

We understand the importance of having top quality forestry tools. Professionals depend on it for their everyday tasks. That's why our forestry tools are designed for pro loggers. Whether you're deep in the forest, at the mill or in your yard, Husqvarna axes, hatchets, mauls and forestry tools lets you get your job done with ease.

Not sure which wood splitting axe to choose? Read our best axe for splitting wood guide to learn more.


Splitting axe


$94.95 MSRP

Large Splitting Axe (30")

A great choice for splitting wood
Husqvarna A2400


$89.95 MSRP

Composite Multi-Purpose Axe (27")

A powerful universal axe


$41.95 MSRP

Hatchet (13")

Small and light, easy to carry

Clearing knives and axes

For clearing brushes and undergrowth in the forest, or debranching trees.

Measuring tapes

A unique construction gives the measure tapes low weight and optimal design, which makes them easy to tighten and change the tape and spring. The tape is easily parted with one grip, completely without screws.


A splitting wedge is used to split fire wood manually. A felling wedge is used when felling all sizes of trees. Sometimes several wedges are needed. Available in polyamide, magnesium, and aluminum, and in different sizes.