Feature Tech-Knee, Technical Extreme trousers

Technical Extreme: our very best combination of protection and comfort

The Technical Extreme jacket and trousers represent the very best in low weight protection and comfort. With features such as Tech-knee that adds layers of fibres for improved protection, pre-bent knees and sleeves, 4-way-stretch, and breathable material, you’ll be able to feel protected on the job, without compromising on mobility. The Technical Extreme Arborist trousers features Tech-Climb – our innovative solution for tree climbers that offers optimised protection around the legs while using climbing equipment.

Logger preparing, Technical Extreme

The best materials, for the best outcome

Husqvarna’s range of protective clothing and equipment is designed with the same craftsmanship and attention to details as our tools. The materials used in Husqvarna protective clothes have all been either developed or hand-picked by us, and then put through many tests in the lab and in the forest to make sure they provide the best comfort, protection, and functionality.

Technical Extreme Arborist trousers - female model (Studio background)

Find your size

Depending on which model you buy, the clothes will fit differently on your body. The Classic and Functional lines have a regular fit, Technical has a tight fit, and Technical Extreme has a slim fit. Check your body measurements against the guide below to find your right size.

Rough environment, Technical Robust

Whole clothes are safe clothes

In addition to washing and cleaning your protective wear, you also need to check for heavily worn areas, damages and tears in the fabric. The protective functions may be seriously reduced if repairs are not carried out properly. Use our repair guide for reference, and always consult your dealer if in doubt.

Four levels of comfort and protection