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Husqvarna Warranty Policy

Husqvarna Forest & Garden company guarantees the function of all Husqvarna branded Products and will repair or replace any part that has factory defects which appear due to faulty installation or defective parts free of charge when performed by authorized Husqvarna workshops during the warranty period.

The product is accepted for warranty repair to the original purchaser under normal use and maintenance during the warranty period when accompanied with a proof of purchase. In case you discover a fault in the product, stop using the product at once and contact an authorised Husqvarna dealer immediately. Deliver it in the condition in which the product was at the moment of occurrence of the fault.

Get the Dealer Advantage

Only qualified Servicing Dealers with unrivalled expertise sell and service our products. All products are sold assembled, pre-delivered and ready to use with a full warranty. Your local authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer will help you get the most out of your Husqvarna. Protect your investment and only ask for Husqvarna Genuine Parts and Accessories.

Warranty periods

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Hand-held productsPetrol Chainsaws
Petrol trimmers & brushcutters
Petrol hedgetrimmers & blowers
Power cuttersBattery products
BLi batteriesSprayers
CommercialDomesticCommercialDomesticCommercialDomestic CommercialDomestic  
Domestic use warranty 5 years¹ 5 years¹ 5 years¹ 5 years¹ 5 years¹ 5 years¹ 1 year 2 years 5 years43 years 2 years
Commercial / government use warranty2 years1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years1 year 1 year1 year3 months 1 year 6 months
Rental use warranty6 months3 months 6 months 3 months6 months  3 months3 months 6 months3 months 3 months3 months 
Qualifying product500 series100 series 500 series 100 series 500 series 100 series K535i 500 series 100 series 36 volt 15 L 
 390XP400 series  300 series  K770  300 series 8 L
 396XP     K970   1.5 L
 3120XP     K4000     
          Wheeled product batteries 
          1 year 
          Lawn tractor 
          V500 stand-on 
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Wheeled productsWalk behind mowers
Front deck riders
ZTR Zero turn mowers
Lawn tractorsTillers & cultivators Robotic lawn mowers Pressure washersWet & dry vacuums
CommercialDomesticCommercialDomesticCommercialDomestic    DomesticDomestic
Domestic use warranty5 years¹ 5 years¹5 years¹  5 years¹5 years¹  5 years¹5 years¹  5 years¹5 years45 2 years2 years
Commercial / government use warranty2 years1 year  5 years² 1 year5 years²1 year1 year 1 year5 years453 months3 months 
Rental use warranty6 months 3 months1 year 3 months1 year 3 months 3 months 3 months3 months 3 months 3 months 
Qualifying productLC19AP LC118 P500² seriesR200 series500 series ZTR² 100 series 100 series 300 series 100 seriesPW125WDC220 
 LB548SELC219P  R300 series500 series stand-on² 200 series 200 series 400 series 300 seriesPW235r WDC325L 
 LB553SELC419A    ZTR®
Zero Turn Mower
Commercial - 2 Years
Domestic - 5 Years1
MZ series 300 series 400 seriesPW360  
  500 series PW490  

The warranty period commences on the date of purchasing
¹ A qualifying purchase of Genuine Husqvarna oil and registration on the Husqvarna Product Registration system applies. Standard warranty Period of 2 Years applies if no supporting purchase or registration is made.
² P525D, Z500, V500 - 5 years / 2000 hours.
³ Lifetime warranty on solid drive shafts to Original Purchaser.
4 Condition of 5 years / 6000hrs warranty - Automower® must be served annually at Authorized Husqvarna Dealer, product must not exceed manufacturer's recommended working area. Refer to full warranty conditions in Automower® & Battery Service & Warranty Handbook.
5 Both Domestic and Commercial.

Batteries, accessories/attachments, protective equipment and spare partsBattery chargersAccessories/attachmentsProtective equipmentSpare parts
Domestic use warranty1 Year1 Year6 Months3 Months
Commercial/government use warranty 1 Year6 Months3 Months1 Month
Rental use warranty3 Months1 Month1 Month


How the program works?

Husqvarna Forest & Garden company guarantees the function of all Husqvarna branded Products and will repair or replace any part that has factory defects which appear due to faulty installation or defective parts free of charge when performed by authorised Husqvarna workshops during the warranty period.


Battery productStandard warrantyExtended warranty
Domestic useCommercial useDomestic useCommercial use
100 series2 years 3 months5 years-
300 series2 years
3 months5 years-
500 series2 years1 year5 years-
Batteries3 years1 year--
Chargers1 year1 year--

To extend the standard warranty of Battery products to a total of 5 years the battery product must be serviced annually by an authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer.

ProductStandard warrantyExtended warranty
Automower®2 years5 years / 6.000hrs

To extend the standard warranty to a total of 5 years or 6,000 working hours the Automower® must be serviced annually by an authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer AND the consumer must purchase a cleaning and maintenance kit with the Automower® at point of purchase. Automower® must not exceed manufacturers recommenced working area.


The Customer has the right to submit their Husqvarna product for warranty consideration to any authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer. It is the Customer’s responsibility to furnish the authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer with proof of purchase information, such as a receipt.
Showing the date of supply and the supplier.

The receipt or other relevant proof of purchase would enable the dealer to determine if the warranty claim falls within the accepted warranty time period for any particular product

The Customer must exhibit reasonable care in the maintenance, operation, storage and general upkeep practices as explained in the maintenance section of the Operator’s Manual provided with the product. This includes the whole product or any general wear item or component on the product.


  1. Any part or components for which the Warranty has expired.
  2. Parts that are not specifically recommended by Husqvarna or are not genuine Husqvarna replacement parts or accessories
  3. Parts that are not installed or otherwise serviced by an authorised Husqvarna Servicing Dealer (excluding consumables).
  4. Normal wear of parts and components and visual appearance items, such as paint or stickers. Normal customer maintenance items, including but not limited to (i.e. blades, blade adaptors, bulbs, filters, lubricants, springs, cables, wear protection, seals etc). Unless due to original manufacturing fault.
  5. Accident, abuse, misuse, negligence and neglect, including, dirt, abrasives, moisture, rust, corrosion, or any adverse reaction due to incorrect storage habits.
  6. Alterations or modifications that affect the unit’s performance, operation, safety, durability, change its intended use or cause failure of compliance with current regulatory standards.
  7. Additional damage to parts or components due to continued use occurring after any of the above.
  8. Robotic mower batteries – 24 Months or the remainder of the original product warranty if fitted free of charge under the terms of this limited warranty.
  9. Automower® installation - 2 years on parts only.


A. General Terms & Conditions
Husqvarna provides a manufacturer’s warranty to the initial purchaser for each new Husqvarna® branded product that is sold by an Authorised Husqvarna Supplier in Australia or New Zealand. This warranty provides such initial purchaser with a guarantee against faulty workmanship in manufacture and/or defective components for the warranty period (see Part II, below) from the date of purchase. The benefits given by this manufacturer’s warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods to which this warranty relates (see Part III and Part IV, below).

B. Making a Claim
If any product supplied by Husqvarna Australia and New Zealand that is found to be defective due to faulty manufacture and/or defective components within the warranty period, Husqvarna through its Authorised Servicing Dealers will repair or replace the product to the customer at Husqvarna’s cost providing:

  • Proof of purchase is provided;
  • The fault is not caused by misuse, neglect, adjustments and or modifications by the consumer.
  • The consumer presents the product at an Authorised Servicing Dealer’s premises.
  • Failure has not occurred through normal wear and tear.
  • Spare part warranty period is only applicable provided they are installed by a qualified and /or authorised person. Any costs incurred to obtain warranty consideration or services is the consumers responsibility, including shipping and handling,travel expense, lost time, or pickup and delivery.

C. Consumer responsibilities
Please take reasonable steps to maintain the products as outlined in the maintenance section of the owners/operators manual or handbooks. We are not responsible if you cause the product to become of unacceptable quality or if the product is damaged by abnormal use.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian consumer law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


The herein described warranties (both manufacturers and statutory) are provided by the following entities:

Within New Zealand this warranty is provided by Husqvarna New Zealand Ltd (Company No. 111861)

51 Aintree Avenue Airport Oaks Manukau 2022. Ph: 09 920 2410.