Why is there uncut grass along the boundary wire where I have added a work area?

Only applies to Automower® models that support AIM technology:

If you place the waypoints of a work area close to the boundary wire in your Automower® installation, the mower may stop and turn around when it senses the border of the work area instead of the boundary wire.

As the AIM technology is accurate to approximately 1 m/3.3 ft, the distance to the border where the mower stops and turns may vary. This may prevent the mower from going all the way up to the boundary wire, which may result in an area of uncut grass next to the boundary wire.

Based on the accuracy of AIM technology, we recommend setting the border of the work area outside of your lawn (minimum 1.5 m/5 ft) to ensure that the mower cuts the grass all the way up to the boundary wire. The mower will never go beyond the boundary wire.

Ideal work area with good margin to the boundary wire

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