Ride-On Mower11/02/2024

Why is there excessive vibration while using my Ride-On mower?

While using your Ride-On mower, you may feel excessive vibration.

Common reasons for excessive vibration

Cutting high and wet grass

If the grass is high and wet, it will be harder to cut it. Setting a low cutting height may cause excessive vibrations to the product. Start cutting the grass with a higher cutting height, then lower the cutting height and cut the same area again.

Damaged engine

If one of the engine cylinders is broken or damaged, you may experience vibration and the sound of the product will be different.

Damaged blades

While working with your Ride-On mower, you may accidentally damage the cutting blades. This can happen if you hit a rock or any other hard object.

If this happens, the blades can become unbalanced and cause vibration. In this case, examine the blades and change them if necessary.

How to examine and replace the blades on your Ride-On mower

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