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Why is my lawn mower hard to push?

While working with your lawn mower, you may notice that the product is hard to push. There may be several reasons for this.

Set the cutting height to the correct position

One of the reasons for the lawn mower being hard to push is a low cutting height. In this case, the housing or the cutting blade is dragged through heavy grass.

CAUTION: Never attempt to set the cutting height while the product is running.

How to set the cutting height

CAUTION: Do not set the cutting height too low. The blades can hit the ground if the surface of the lawn is not level.

The cutting height can be adjusted in multiple levels.

Move the cutting height lever to increase or decrease the cutting height. Check that you have the correct cutting height for your grass, max 1/3 of the height.

Depending on the model of your lawn mower, the cutting height lever design can vary:

Empty the grass collector

The added weight from the cut grass makes the lawn mower harder to push. Empty the grass collector to lower the weight.

Check for blockages

One of the reasons for your lawn mower being hard to push could be that there is debris, grass or branches stuck under the product.

Stop the lawn mower and clean its underneath.

Clean the drive wheel area

Cut grass and debris could be stuck in the drive wheel area.

Make sure the wheel area is clean by removing the cut grass and debris with a brush and a rag.

Adjust the handle height

Your lawn mower is easier to push if the handle height is set to a level that works for you.

Use the drive on the wheels

Before you pull the product backwards, disengage the drive and push the product approximately 10 cm.

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