Where to best place the charging station in an Automower® installation

The ideal placement for the charging station is in a shady spot on flat ground in the middle of the lawn and with some free space around it.

Ideal placement of Automower® charging station

Please see below for some general recommendations. For details specific to your model, please see the operator’s manual.

  • Keep a minimum 3 m/10 ft of free space in front of the charging station.
  • Keep a minimum of 150 cm/60 inches of free space to the right and left of the centre of the charging station.
  • Keep a minimum of 60 cm/2 ft of free space behind the charging station.
  • Place the charging station near a power outlet.
  • Place the charging station on a level surface.
  • The baseplate of the charging station must not be bent.
  • Place the charging station in an area that is protected from sunlight.
  • If the charging station is installed on an island, ensure that the guide wire is connected to the island.
  • If the work area has two parts separated with a steep slope, we recommend putting the charging station in the lower section.
  • Do not permanently secure the charging station until you have installed all the wires and verified that your installation works.
  • For Automower® models that communicate with the Husqvarna Cloud only using Wi-Fi, the charging station must be located in an area with Wi-Fi coverage. If the charging station is placed in an area with a weak or no Wi-Fi signal, the robotic lawn mower will not be able to download any updates. If so, you need to contact a dealer to update the mower.
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