Where do I find the serial number, model name and other product information of my Automower® robotic lawn mower?

On the rating label

The serial number, product number and other product data are found on the rating label on the mower. Check the operator’s manual for information on where the rating label is located on your product.

Use the product assistant to find your operator’s manual

In the Automower® Connect app

If you have added your mower to Automower® Connect, you can view the serial number and product model in the Automower® Connect app.

  1. Open the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Tap My mowers in the menu.
  3. If you have several mowers, make sure that the mower you want to view the details for is set as the current mower. If not, tap Use as current mower for the mower.
  4. Tap Mower details.

Here you can see the product model and serial number of your mower.

In the Husqvarna® Connect app

If you have added your mower to the Husqvarna® Connect app you can view the serial number, product model and other product data in the app.

  1. Open the Husqvarna® Connect app.
  2. Select your mower in the product list.

You will now be able to view all the product data available for your mower in the Overview tab.

Contact your local dealer

Your local dealer can help you get the information you need if you have registered your product with us.

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