Where do I buy spare parts for my Husqvarna product and what parts should I buy?

To enjoy the best possible performance, we recommend using only genuine Husqvarna spare parts.

By using only genuine Husqvarna spare parts and following the recommended service schedule, you will extend the lifespan of your machine and enjoy safe, reliable performance across its lifetime.

Where can I buy genuine Husqvarna spare parts?

A selected range of spare parts, such as Husqvarna Automower® Endurance blades, are available in our webshop. The full range of genuine Husqvarna spare parts are sold only through authorised Husqvarna dealers. Our dealers make customer satisfaction a top priority, with expert advice, professional support and proactive maintenance throughout the product's life cycle.

Using only genuine Husqvarna spare parts guarantees optimal efficiency and prolongs the life of your Husqvarna machine. Your local dealer is ready to assist you with the right part for your specific tool.

How do I know which spare part to buy?

If you have added your product to Husqvarna Connect, you can find a list of spare parts for your product in the app. Just select your product and tap Parts.
The items listed here are the ones that you can change yourself without violating the warranty.

For further assistance, please contact your local dealer.

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