What permissions do the different user roles in Husqvarna Fleet Services™ have?

There are currently three user roles in Husqvarna Fleet Services™:

  • Manager | Handles account settings, adds users and has full access to all functionalities.
  • Technician | Takes care of machine installations, maintenance, settings, service logs and firmware updates. Has full access to all machine functions.
  • Operator | Can access basic machine controls and read information about the machines. Has access only from Husqvarna Fleet Services™ mobile app.

The permissions are specified in the tables below. The data and actions available vary between the web portal and the mobile app.

Company management

Invite usersX
Manage gatewaysXX
Download machine dataXX
Upgrade subscriptionX
Edit company informationX
Approve terms and conditionsXX

Machine management

WebMobile app
Add sensors or machinesXXXX
Manage sensors or machinesXXXX
View machine usageXXXXX
View carbon footprintXX
View machine listXXXXX
View machine detailsXXXXX
Start and stop Automower®XXXXX
Set Automower® cutting heightXXXX
Schedule Automower®XXXX
View maintenance dataXXXXX
Set maintenance remindersXXXX
Edit maintenance dataXXXX
Update machine firmwareXX
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