What is EdgeCut and how do I use it?

What is EdgeCut?

EdgeCut is a feature available on Automower® 310E NERA and 410XE NERA that efficiently cuts the edges of your lawn, saving you time and effort.

How does EdgeCut work?

  • A dedicated blade disc for cutting edges is located in the rear of the robotic lawn mower. It has a fixed placement of 45 mm/1.77 inches for optimal cutting results.
  • EdgeCut is activated when the mower approaches a physical or virtual boundary. When approaching to the boundary, the mower will do a sweeping turn with the rear, allowing the disc to cut alongside the boundary.
  • The mower and blade disc will alternate rotation direction to ensure that the grass is guided into the blade disc in an optimal manner.
  • EdgeCut can be set to OFF if not needed.

EdgeCut and stay-out zones

EdgeCut is only activated by physical or virtual boundaries. Stay-out zones created with AIM Technology (Automower® Intelligent Mapping) will not trigger EdgeCut. Stay-out zones created with EPOS™ Technology are considered virtual boundaries and will trigger EdgeCut.

Importance of a precise installation

A precise installation is key to achieve optimal cutting results on the edges of your lawn.

Ensure that you follow the installation instructions:

Using EdgeCut in an existing Automower® installation

If you already have a boundary wire installation in your lawn, it can be difficult to know how precise the installation is.

  • If the boundary wire is placed at a closer distance to obstacles than is recommended, the mower will bounce against the obstacle and perform an EdgeCut.
  • If the boundary wire is placed at a greater distance to obstacles than is recommended, more grass will remain uncut. The drive past wire function can be used to reduce the gap.

Checking and cleaning the EdgeCut disc guard

Regularly inspecting and cleaning the EdgeCut disc guard of your Automower® robotic lawn mower is essential to ensure proper function. How often you need to clean the guard depends on grass buildup.
Check the guard regularly and inspect it more often during:
  • Spring, when the grass grows faster and is more often wet, as it will have a greater tendency to clog the guard.
  • Autumn, when wet leaves can clog the guard.

How to clean the EdgeCut disc guard

Follow these steps to clean the guard:

  1. Use protective gloves.
  2. Set the robotic lawn mower to OFF.
  3. Turn the robotic lawn mower upside down on a clean and soft surface to avoid scratches on the cover.
  4. Use a brush to brush away the grass or running water from a water hose.
  5. Do not use a pressure washer.

For more information on the maintenance of your Automower® robotic lawn mower, read How and when to change the blades on a Automower® robotic lawn mower.

Please contact your local Husqvarna dealer if you need further assistance with your Automower®robotic lawn mower.

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