What does a spark arrestor do?

Spark arrestors are screens that limit the size of particles sometimes found in the exhaust gases of outdoor power equipment. The idea is that by limiting the size of the exhaust particles (piece of carbon or other small debris), the thermal mass of the particle can be made small enough that it is no longer considered a serious fire hazard.
Care still needs to be taken in the surrounding area to ensure the safety of the user and the surrounding environment.

spark arrestor

Spark arrestor maintenance:

  1. The spark arrestor is located on the front of the muffler with a cover. The cover is attached with a 10 mm nut. Remove the cover and then remove the spark arrestor.
  2. When inspecting it, make sure that the spark arrestor is intact and there are no rips or holes in it. Also make sure that there is no excessive carbon buildup. If there is any carbon buildup, it will make your chainsaw run at a lower rpm and it will not breathe very well.
  3. Clean the carbon buildup from the spark arrestor with a wire brush.
  4. Once the spark arrestor is clean, put it back in place.

Husqvarna recommends that the spark arrestor is cleaned after every 50 hours of operation.

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