What does a solid blue light on the Automower® charging station mean?

A solid blue light on the charging station of your Automower® robotic lawn mower means that the boundary wire signal is weak. This is normally caused by a damaged boundary wire or a boundary wire loop exceeding the maximum recommended length. No steps need to be taken if the robotic lawn mower operates as expected.

  • Check whether the boundary wire exceeds the maximum recommended length of 800 m (2600 ft). Shorten it if necessary, for example, by reducing the work area or replacing islands with barriers that the robotic lawn mower can collide with.
  • Check whether the boundary wire is damaged (this may have happened during gardening, for example) and replace the damaged section of the wire with a new loop wire. See How to find a wire break in your Automower® installation.

Our product assistant can also help you locate a wire break.

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