What do the different statuses for Automower® robotic mowers in Husqvarna Fleet Services™ mean?

There are multiple statuses that your Automower® robotic mowers can display in Husqvarna Fleet Services™. The statuses often include additional information. For example, if your mower has been lifted, the status Error is displayed together with Lifted.

Automower statuses in Husqvarna Fleet Services™

The robotic mower has lost connection with the backend service and cannot send the current status or receive new commands. The robotic mower is usually continuing its operation as per the schedule and other settings.


Some kind of problem has occurred that has stopped the robotic mower from operating. Errors are generated, for example, if the robotic mower is lifted or if the mower does not receive any loop signal.
As a safety measure, errors generally need to be corrected manually, on site. A robotic mower with an error status can, in most cases, not be reset in any app.


The normal schedule has been set in a paused state. The robotic mower will remain parked until it is ordered to resume operation.


The robotic mower has been stopped manually.


The robotic mower has been disabled by a user and is switched off.


The robotic mower has been parked in the charging station.


Normal operation. The robotic mower is out mowing or heading back to the charging station.

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