Using one Gmail account for several gateways

If you have a number of gateways, we recommend that you them up using different credentials. This allows you to reset the password on one gateway without having to update the password on all of your gateways (which may be placed in various locations around your work area).

To make it easier for you to manage all your gateways, we recommend using one email account with different aliases for each gateway. This will simplify gateway management a great deal.

Using Gmail aliases for your Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gateways

Gmail has an alias feature that lets you add an unlimited number of email aliases to one email account. This makes it possible to set up different gateways with different credentials while still using just one Gmail account to manage the emails and registrations.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a standard Gmail account for your gateways (unless you already have one), for example
  2. Set up a gateway account.
    • When entering the email address, write [user name]+[an alias of your choice], for example Anything you write after the plus (+) sign but before the @ sign counts as the alias.
  3. Set up the next gateway account.
    • When entering the email address, use a new email alias, for example Gateway2, i.e.
  4. Set up the next gateway account with a third alias, such as Gateway3, and so on.

Now all Husqvarna Fleet Services™ Gateway accounts have been set up using different credentials, but all emails will still be sent to the same inbox (in the example above, You can easily use filters with the different aliases to see information about a specific gateway.

For more information on how to set up and filter Gmail aliases, see Google support.

Note: It may be a good idea to forward all incoming e-mails from your Gmail account to your work email address so that you do not have to login to Gmail every time you want to check your Gateway inbox.

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