Using maintenance reminders for Riders (X-models and 200-series)

Knowing what maintenance to do on your Rider, when to do it, and what spare parts you need, is not always easy. That is why Husqvarna Connect offers automatic maintenance reminders.

When it is time to perform maintenance on your Rider, a maintenance reminder indicated by a wrench icon will be shown in the product list in the Husqvarna Connect app.

Maintenance reminder in Husqvarna Connect

Which Rider models support automatic maintenance reminders?

  • X-models (Bluetooth)
  • 200-series (non-Bluetooth)

How does it work?

X-models (Bluetooth)

For X-models (Bluetooth-connected Riders), maintenance reminders appear by default in your product list.

Note that your Rider must be connected to the Husqvarna Connect app by Bluetooth for the reminders to appear. Once a reminder has appeared, it will be displayed until you choose to remove it, no matter if the product is Bluetooth-connected or not.

200-series (non-Bluetooth)

To get maintenance reminders for 200-series Riders, you will first have to enter usage data about your Rider. Then the maintenance reminders will appear in your product list, based on the data you have entered. Once a reminder has appeared, it will be displayed until you choose to remove it.

Add or edit usage data

When you add a 200-series Rider to Husqvarna Connect, you will be prompted to enter usage data.

You can always add or edit the information later if desired, just select your product in the list and tap Support > Maintenance. Then tap the pen icon to edit the data.

Information in the maintenance reminder

When you tap the maintenance reminder the following information will be available:

  • Find and contact a Husqvarna Dealer.
  • Contact information to your favorite dealer (if a favorite dealer has been selected previously).
  • A link to your local Husqvarna Care website (if available).
  • An overview of all the steps needed to perform the maintenance on the product.
  • Instructions for each step.
  • How-to videos.
  • A list of all parts and tools needed to perform the maintenance.*
  • An estimation of how much time the maintenance will take to perform.
  • Information on which steps must be performed by an authorized dealer.
  • An option to save the performed maintenance to the service book.

Remove the reminder

When all maintenance is performed and you want to remove the reminder, open the reminder, select whether you want to save the maintenance to the digital service book and tap Maintenance completed.

When there are no pending maintenance alerts or error messages, you will see a “Ready when you are!” message in the product list.

Product models

The maintenance reminders are available for the following Husqvarna Rider models:


  • R 316TsX AWD
  • R 316TX
  • R 316TX AWD
  • R 320X AWD
  • R 419TsX AWD
  • R 420TsX AWD
  • R 318X*


  • R 213C
  • R 214T
  • R 214TC
  • R 216T AWD

Do not get any reminders?

If you do not get any maintenance reminders, try updating your Husqvarna Connect app.

*For R318X, the list of parts needed to perform the maintenance is not available in the reminder.

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