Problem with the Wi-Fi connection to Automower® robotic lawn mower

Applies only to Automower® models that support Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi connection may offer a stable connection to the Husqvarna Cloud and the Automower® Connect app, but in some cases, you may experience that your robotic lawn mower gets disconnected from the Wi-Fi network.

What happens when the mower is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network?

An Automower® model that communicates with the Husqvarna Cloud only using Wi-Fi will appear as disconnected in the Automower® Connect app if there is no Wi-Fi signal. This is normal behaviour if the Wi-Fi network does not cover the entire work area of the mower.

An Automower® model that communicates with the Husqvarna Cloud using both mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity will automatically switch to a mobile connection if there is no Wi-Fi signal, and you can control the mower as normal. It will not appear as disconnected when there is no Wi-Fi signal.

When a Wi-Fi only model is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, the following applies:

  • The mower will continue mowing your lawn as normal, according to the schedule.
  • The mower cannot communicate with the Husqvarna Cloud.
  • You can control the mower using the Automower® Connect app if you are connected to your mower via Bluetooth and are within 30 metres (100 ft) of the mower.
  • You can send commands using smart home services, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, but the mower will not be able to receive or follow the commands. Commands from smart home services that are sent when the mower is disconnected are not saved for later.
  • The mower will reconnect automatically to the Husqvarna Cloud as soon as it receives a network signal. Then you can control the mower as usual with the Automower® Connect app and smart home services. The Automower® Connect dashboard will show when your mower is connected.

Why is my mower disconnected?

There are several possible reasons why your mower may disconnect. Your mobile device may have lost connection to the Internet or a setting may have been changed somewhere.

A Wi-Fi only model will appear as disconnected, for example, in the following cases:

  • No Wi-Fi network has been added.
  • All Wi-Fi networks have been removed.
  • There is no Wi-Fi signal from the Wi-Fi network router, for example because of a power failure.
  • The Wi-Fi network is not connected to the Internet.
  • The Wi-Fi signal is too weak, for example, because the mower is outside of the range of the available Wi-Fi networks.

Troubleshooting a Wi-Fi connection

In many cases, a simple restart of the mower or your mobile device is enough, but if the problem remains or occurs frequently you may need to do some troubleshooting. The easiest way to troubleshoot the issue is using our product assistant. It will guide you to a solution step-by-step based on your specific conditions.

Open product assistant

If you prefer not to use the product assistant, check out the information below.

Here are a few basic things to try:

  1. Restart the mower: Set the product to OFF and then to ON.
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Restart the Automower® Connect app. iOS | Android
  4. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Automower® Connect app. App Store | Google Play
  5. Make sure that your phone has an Internet connection.
  6. Verify that there is a Wi-Fi network added. See More > Settings > Automower® Connect > Wi-Fi in the Automower® Connect app. Connect the mower to a Wi-Fi network if there is no Wi-Fi added.
  7. If there is a power failure, wait until the power is back.
  8. Make sure that the router is working as normal and that there is a Wi-Fi signal coming from your network router.
  9. Make sure that the Wi-Fi network is connected to the Internet.
  10. Strengthen the Wi-Fi signal if it is weak.

Checking and improving the Wi-Fi signal

For the best results, we recommend you make sure that the Wi-Fi network covers your entire lawn. If the signal is weak in some parts of the work area, it may be a good idea to strengthen the signal, for example using network extenders. There are extenders available from third party suppliers that are specifically for outdoor use.

You can check the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network in the area where the robotic lawn mower is currently located in the Automower® Connect app.

  1. Open the Automower® Connect app and sign in.
  2. Select More > Settings > Automower® Connect.
  3. Enter your PIN code.
  4. Check the signal strength under Wi-Fi.

Still not working?

If you have tried the above measures and the connection is still not working, contact your local dealer.

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