Park mower if weather forecast predicts frost or heavy rain

Your mower can handle a little rain, but your lawn will most likely look better if it is not cut during heavy rain or frost. That’s why we offer a Smart Connection that parks your mower based on the weather forecast: Park mower if weather forecast predicts frost or heavy rain.

Enabling the Smart Connection

  1. In the Automower® Connect app, tap the More button and select Smart Home.
  2. If this is the first time you have used a Smart Connection or an IFTTT applet, see Getting started with the Smart Connections in the Automower® Connect app.
  3. Select Park mower if weather forecast predicts frost or heavy rain.
  4. To enable the connection, tap the Connect Weather slider.
  5. Select which mower you want to control (if you have more than one mower connected to your Automower® Connect account).
  6. Select the geographical area you want to consult the weather forecast for.
  7. Tap Save.

When this is done, your mower will be parked when the weather service reports that the weather forecast has met the specified conditions. Please note that this feature is controlled by the weather forecast, not the actual weather. Depending on how reliable the weather service is where your mower operates, the weather forecast may differ from the actual weather. For information on the weather service used for this Smart Home connection, see Weather Underground.

The mower will start operating according to the schedule again the next full hour the weather does not meet the specified conditions. There may be a delay between when it starts raining and when the mower is parked, depending on when the Automower® Connect app synchronises with the weather service.

What kind of weather forecast will park the mower?

The mower will be parked if the weather forecast meets the following conditions in the selected area:

  • Frost
  • Rain
  • Showers
  • Heavy rain
  • Temperature drops below 4°C/39°F.
  • Temperature rises above 36°C/97°F.

Disabling the Smart Connection

To disable the connection so that it does not park your mower based on the weather forecast, simply disconnect it by tapping the slider again.

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