If I sell or buy a used Husqvarna product, what do I need to think about in terms of connectivity?

Selling a used product

When you sell a used product, there is no need to reset the product in any way. But we recommend that you as a seller remove the product from your Husqvarna Connect app (if you have added it previously). The same applies if you have added a product to Automower® Connect. Otherwise, you will continue to collect data from the product.

Removing a product from Husqvarna Connect

Remove pairings from your Automower® robotic mower (robotic lawn mowers only)

Buying a used product

As a buyer we recommend that you make sure the previous owner removes the product from their app.

Then download the app yourself and add it to your own list of products to unleash the full power and potential of your Husqvarna products.

Get started with Husqvarna Connect

Connecting to an Automower® robotic lawn mower using Automower® Connect (robotic lawn mowers only)

Note: The usage statistics that have been collected from the product will automatically be transferred to the new owner’s app when he or she adds the product. Personal data will not be transferred to the new user’s account.

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