How to tighten a chainsaw chain

The more you use the chain, the longer it becomes. A slack chain can jump off and cause serious or even fatal injuries. It is therefore important to adjust the chain regularly to take up slack. Check the chain tension every time you refuel.

NOTE: A new chainsaw chain has a running-in period during which you should check the tension more frequently.

How to tension a chainsaw chain

  1. Engage the brake.
  2. Loosen the bar nuts that hold the clutch cover using the combination spanner.
  3. Raise the tip of the bar and stretch the chain by tightening the chain tensioning screw— do this by turning it clockwise using the combination spanner. Tighten the chain until it does not hang slack on the underside of the bar. Check that you can pull the chain round freely by hand and that it is not slack on the bottom of the bar.
  4. Use the combination spanner to tighten the bar nuts again.
  5. You should still be able to lift the chain as shown in the video.

Always make sure that you use safety equipment when handling the chainsaw and its parts.

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