Hedge Trimmer11/02/2024

How to start a hedge trimmer

For your hedge trimmer to work optimally, you need to start it correctly.

How to start a petrol-powered hedge trimmer

  1. Press the bulb repeatedly until it starts to fill up.
  2. The choke is activated.
  3. Pull until the engine ignites.
  4. Deactivate choke when the engine has stopped.
  5. Pull to start the engine.
  6. Rev to obtain normal RPM.

How to start an Aspire hedge trimmer

  1. Take off the protective cover of the cutting deck.
  2. Push the charged battery into place.
  3. Push the on/off button so the green lights display.
  4. Grip the front handle to deactivate the throttle lockout.
  5. Grip the rear handle to deactivate the throttle lockout.
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