Hedge Trimmer11/02/2024

How to sharpen a blade on your hedge trimmer

For your hedge trimmer to work optimally, the blades needs to be sharp.

The blades can become blunt after frequent use of the tool or the tool is not being taken care of.

WARNING: Before sharpening the blades, stop the product. If your hedge trimmer is battery-powered, take out the battery.

For this you will need:

  • Protective gloves—always use these when handling cutting equipment
  • Single-cut flat file

How to sharpen blades on a hedge trimmer

  1. Check each blade.
  2. Clean the blades to remove sap and other dirt. Be careful not to damage the metal, removing only the dirt.
  3. Attach the blade to the work surface using clamps so that it is fixed in place. This will make the sharpening process easier.
  4. Use the file to sharpen the blade in a straight movement.
  5. Turn the blade regularly.
  6. Sharpen all edges equally to keep the balance.

WARNING: Always discard a blade that is damaged. Do not try to make a bent or twisted blade straight to use it again.

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