How to restart a chainsaw in hot weather conditions

If your chainsaw does not start, the fuel may be too hot. To prevent this from happening, always use fresh fuel and reduce your operating time when the weather is warm. If your chainsaw will not start, place it in a cool area away from sunlight for at least 20 minutes.

Restarting your chainsaw in hot weather conditions

  1. Engage the chain brake.
  2. If the saw is equipped with an air purge/fuel pump, press the bulb (prime) a few times until the fuel becomes visible and enters the carburettor.
  3. Pull out the choke.
  4. Hold the front handle with your left hand and press the body of the chainsaw to the ground. Put your right foot through the rear handle.
  5. Pull the starter rope handle slowly with your right hand until you feel some resistance. Then pull the starter rope hard. Keep pulling the starter rope up to a maximum of five times until the engine starts or tries to start.
  6. Once the engine starts or tries to start, push the choke into the half-choke position. Keep pulling the rope until the engine starts.
  7. Briefly press the throttle trigger to release fast idle so that the chainsaw runs on idle.
  8. Disengage the chain brake.
  9. To check the acceleration, pull the throttle trigger slowly but fully for another five seconds and release.
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