How to reset the chain brake

When removing the guide bar and chain, it is important to remember to disengage the chain brake before removing the clutch cover. If the clutch cover is accidentally removed while the chain brake is engaged, you will need to reset the chain brake.

If the clutch cover is difficult to reinstall, it is likely that the chain brake is in the "engaged" position.

Depending on the model of your chainsaw, there are two ways of resetting the chain brake:

How to reset the chain brake using the tool

Make sure that you wear protective gloves while resetting the chain brake.

  1. To reset the brake, turn the link clockwise until it stops. The bottom link should be in the downwards position.
  2. After resetting the chain brake, you can reassemble your chainsaw.

Caution! Always remember that the chain brake is under a lot of tension. Keep your hands and fingers away from the chain band while you are resetting it.

How to reset the chain brake without the tool

  1. Remove the bar and chain — this will make the process easier.
  2. Place the cover onto to the saw. The back of the cover will stick up due to the brake band sitting on top of the clutch drum/drive sprocket.
  3. Install the bar nuts and tighten by hand.
  4. Move the front hand guard forwards and place your hand on the part of the cover that overlaps the bottom part of the hand guard. While applying pressure, move the guard back to release the chain brake.

If you need further assistance, we recommend that you contact your local authorised service dealer.

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