How to remove the body of Automower® Aspire™ R4 robotic lawn mower

Follow these steps to remove the top cover and body of Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4, for example if your robotic lawn mower requires thorough cleaning.

Clean off dirt and grass

Before you start disassembling your robotic lawn mower, ensure that all dirt and grass clippings are cleaned off the product.

Remove the top cover

  1. Push the STOP button.
  2. Push the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to set the product to OFF.
  3. Lift the top cover by the front and remove it.

Remove the body

  1. Remove the maintenance tool from the body of the product.

  1. Hold the rear wheel with one hand.
  2. Using your other hand, locate the two clips (A and B in image below) inside the hole at the rear of the product. Push these clips away from each other while lifting the body of the product

  1. Push the maintenance tool into the two holes to loosen the body of the product.

  1. Remove the body of the product.

Install the body and top cover

  • Align the body with the chassis and push the body into position.
  • Align the top cover with the slits in the body of the product and push the top cover into position.

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For personalised assistance with your Automower® robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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