Lawn Mower1/05/2024

How to install the mulch kit on your lawn mower

Using a mulch kit on your lawn mower is beneficial if you want to cut grass into fertiliser. If you want to use the mulch kit on your lawn mower, you can easily install the mulch blades by following the instructions and video:

CAUTION: Wear protective gloves when performing this task.

WARNING: To prevent accidental starts, remove the ignition cable from the spark plug.

  1. Remove the grass collector.
  2. Remove the blade.
  3. Install the mulch blade.
  4. Tighten using the correct torque wrench specific for your lawn mower. For more information, refer to your operator's manual.
  5. Attach the mulch plug by putting it into the discharge channel.
  6. Put the spark plug connector back on the spark plug.

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