How to clean or replace the spark plug on a chainsaw

It is important to clean or replace the spark plug to keep your chainsaw in the best condition.

For this you will need:

  • Protective gloves
  • Wire brush
  • Combi spanner with a large opening or any kind of appropriate tool: the tool depends on the size of the spark plug
  • Spark plug: please refer to your chainsaw's operator's manual for the correct spark plug size

Spark plug maintenance:

  1. To access the spark plug, take off the cover.
  2. Once the cover has been removed, pull the cap and wire off the spark plug. Before you go further, make sure that there is no corrosion on the top of the contact, and if there is, clean it with a wire brush. Also, make sure that you clean the area so it is free from dirt and debris.
  3. To remove the spark plug, use a combi spanner with a large opening and turn it anticlockwise. Check the spark plug for any cracks or carbon deposits and check the contacts on the electrode.
  4. If there are any carbon deposits on there, clean them with a wire brush.
  5. If there is no damage to the spark plug and you were able to clean the electrode and the contact post, thread it back into the engine. Make sure that it is firmly seated with the socket wrench. Do not overtighten.
  6. When applying the cap and wire to the post, make sure that it clicks into position.

Make sure that you use the correct spark plug gap for your specific chainsaw. You can find the information in the operator's manual or if you visit your local authorised dealer.

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