Hedge Trimmer11/02/2024

How to clean and oil the blades on your hedge trimmer

For the cutting equipment on your hedge trimmer to work optimally, the blades need to be cleaned and oiled regularly.

Prolonged use may lead to residue building up on the hedge trimmer blades, which can lead to them getting stuck. This is why the blades need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

WARNING: Unplug the spark plug so your hedge trimmer cannot start while you are handling the blades. If you are using a battery-powered product, remove the battery.

WARNING: Always wear protective gloves when handling the cutting equipment

Cleaning and oiling the blades on your hedge trimmer

  1. Remove any twigs or debris that may cause the blades to lock up.
  2. Afterwards, use a damp cloth to clean the blades and then grease them with a light oil.
  3. Clean the blades to remove unwanted materials before and after every use.
  4. Lubricate the blades before long periods of storage.
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