How to choose the correct file size for the chainsaw chain?

When buying a file, it is important to know which file is best suited for your chainsaw chain.

The correct file size is listed in your operator’s manual. If you cannot find your manual, you are welcome to download one from our website.

When buying a chain, there is always information on which file to use on the package.

You can contact your local dealer with your chain and chainsaw information for guidance on which file size to use.

The following table applies to most Husqvarna chains:

Ø File diameterChain pitchChain name
3.59/641/4", miniSP11G
45/321/4", 3/8" mini, .325 miniSP21G, S93G, H00, H38, H37
4.83/16.325"SP33G, S35G, H30, H25, H21, H23
5.57/323/8", .404"C83, S85, S83G, H42, H47, H48, H54, H80
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