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How to check and replace a blade on your lawn mower

In order to keep your lawn mower in good condition, you have to check the blades and replace them when required.

How to check the blades

In order for your lawn mower to cut optimally, make sure you check the blades regularly.

WARNING: Use protective gloves when maintaining the cutting equipment. The blade is very sharp and cuts can easily occur.

To prevent accidental starts on a petrol-powered lawn mower, remove the ignition cable from the spark plug.

To prevent accidental starts on a battery-powered lawn mower, turn the safety key to 0, remove the battery and wait a minimum 5 seconds.

  1. Check the cutting equipment for damage or cracks. Always replace damaged cutting equipment.
  2. Look at the blade to check if it is damaged or blunt.

NOTE: It is necessary to balance the blade after it is sharpened. Let a service centre sharpen, replace and balance the blade. If you hit an obstacle that causes the product to stop, replace the damaged blade. Let the service centre determine if the blade can be sharpened or must be replaced.

If your blades look like this, you should replace them:

How to replace the blades

  1. Prevent the blade from moving with a block of wood.
  2. Remove the blade bolt and spring washer.
  3. Remove the blade.
  4. Check the blade support and blade bolt to see if there is damage.
  5. Check the engine shaft to make sure it is not bent.
  6. When you attach the new blade, point the angled end of the blade in the direction of the cutting cover.
  7. Make sure that the blade is aligned with the centre of the engine shaft.
  8. Prevent the blade from moving with a block of wood. Attach the spring washer and tighten the bolt and washer with a torque specific for your lawn mower. You can find the information in the operator’s manual.
  9. Pull the blade around by hand and make sure that it turns freely.
  10. Start the product to test the blade. If the blade is not correctly attached, this will cause vibration on the product or the cutting result will be unsatisfactory.
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