How to adjust the basic settings and calibrate your Automower® robotic lawn mower

Before starting your Automower® robotic lawn mower for the first time, a start-up sequence in the robotic lawn mower’s menu must be carried out as well as an automatic calibration of the guide wire signal.

Basic settings and calibration

  1. Put the product in the charging station.*
  2. Switch on the product.
  3. Select language, country, date, and time, if requested, and set a PIN code. For some models, a factory PIN code is required before you select a personal PIN code. It is not possible to use 0000 as a PIN code.
  4. Start the product to initiate the guide wire calibration. The calibration process is automatic.

The product will now move away from the charging station and stop while it calibrates some of the product settings. When the calibration is complete, the product starts to mow.

*If you skip this step, the product will generate a new loop signal and perform the calibration process the first time it leaves the charging station.

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