How should I transport my BLi battery?

For the safest way to transport your batteries, make sure to read the operator's manual and follow the guidelines:

  • Transport the battery in a dry, frost-free and clean container at the correct temperature.
  • Do not transport the battery while it is stored in a place where static electricity may occur.
  • Do not transport the battery in a metal box.

We offer many boxes that you can use to safely and comfortably transport your batteries:

Wooden battery box

  • UN3480 certified
  • Stores up to two Husqvarna 36-V batteries and one Husqvarna 36-V charger

Battery box with an insert

  • Robust and handy case for transportation and storage of up to six Husqvarna 36-V batteries.

Battery box M

Battery box L

Battery box M/L

Battery transportation box

  • UN3480 certified for safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries
  • Integrated inlet provides excellent thermal insulation and great shock absorption during transportation
  • Robust yet lightweight and handy case that can hold up to four Husqvarna 36-V batteries

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