How does the Weather Timer work and how do I enable it on my Automower® robotic lawn mower?

The Weather Timer allows the Automower® robotic lawn mower to automatically adjust its timers based on how much the grass grows. The grass growth is decided by the resistance registered by the blade disc when the mower is operating. When the weather is good for grass growth (the rich grass is creating high resistance), the robotic lawn mower mows more often. When the grass growth is slower (the grass is creating low resistance), the robotic lawn mower will automatically spend less time on the lawn.

How to use the Weather Timer

Enable/disable the Weather Timer

Depending on which Automower® model you have, the Weather Timer is activated from the mower display or the Automower® Connect app.

  • Automower® Connect app | More > Settings > Operation > Weather Timer
  • Mower display | Navigate to Weather Timer in the main menu and make the desired changes.

Set the cutting time

The Low, Medium, and High options refer to the cutting time and are used to fine-tune the cutting result. Select HIGH to let the mower operate for a longer time and more often and LOW for a shorter time and less often.

When the Weather Timer is activated, the robotic lawn mower needs time to decide what the optimal mowing time is for the working area in question. For this reason, it can take a couple of days before the mowing results are optimal. If the cutting results are not satisfactory after a couple of days, set the Weather Timer to a higher or lower cutting time, or adjust the mower schedule to allow for more or less operating time.

Adjust the schedule for use with the Weather Timer

When using the Weather Timer, it is recommended to make as much operating time as possible available for mowing. Do not restrict the schedule more than necessary. For example, you can set the schedule to allow operation 24/7 and then let the Weather Timer adjust the actual operating time based on the grass growth.

The first operation of the day is always performed according to the schedule. The product will complete one mowing cycle, then the Weather Timer decides if the product will continue to operate or not.

The Weather Timer will never allow the robotic lawn mower to operate outside the schedule.

Good to know

  • When the Weather Timer is activated, it is important to regularly check that the blade disc is clean and that the blades are in good condition. Any grass twisted around the blade disc shaft or blunt blades can affect the weather timer.
  • The Weather Timer data is reset if the product does not operate for more than 50 hours.

Which models have a Weather Timer?

All Automower® models have Weather Timer except forthe following:

  • 105
  • 115H
  • 310
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