How does the Automower® theft protection system work?

Nearly everyone who is considering a robotic lawn mower worries about having their new machine stolen, but in practice, there are only a small number of reported incidents of theft.

Automower® robotic lawn mowers protect against theft in several ways, such as using PIN codes and alarms.*

PIN code

To operate the robotic lawn mower, the correct PIN code must be entered. Your Automower® robotic lawn mower cannot be used without the PIN code. The PIN code has to be entered if your mower is stopped or lifted — otherwise, an audio alarm will go off.

Some mowers also have a time lock feature that requests that you enter the four-digit PIN code at an interval specified by the user.


A ticking noise indicates that the PIN code must be entered to prevent triggering the alarm. An alarm sounds if the PIN code is not entered within 30 seconds after pressing the STOP button or instantly if the mower is lifted.

The alarm can be turned off at any time by entering the correct PIN code.

Installation lock

The mower is paired with the charging station and can never function with another charging station because the loop signal will be inaccurate.

GeoFence and GPS tracking

For X-line models, the GPS communication unit includes GPS-based theft protection that makes a virtual fence (GeoFence) for the product. This way, you will be notified if the product is moved to the other side of the fence and you will be able to track the movements of your mower.

The GPS unit is available as an accessory (Automower® Connect kit) for most other models.

How to use the GPS-based theft protection

*Depending on which Automower® model you have and your product settings, the available features may vary. See the operator’s manual of your mower for more information on the technical details.

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