Daily chainsaw maintenance

Your operator’s manual outlines general maintenance instructions, giving critical attention to essential parts of the saw. These tips can minimise problems and assist in efficient and safe operating conditions.
An effective maintenance programme should also include scheduled maintenance visits and a product support relationship with your local authorised service centre.

Note that all the maintenance items described in this section have supporting diagrams located in our Product Operator’s Manuals:

  1. Clean the outside of the machine.
  2. Check that the components of the throttle control work safely. (Throttle lockout and throttle control.)
  3. Clean the chain brake and check that it operates safely. Make sure that the chain catcher is undamaged, and replace it if necessary with an aluminium chain catcher (available as a spare part).
  4. The bar should be turned daily for more even wear. Check the lubrication hole in the bar, to be sure that it is not clogged. Clean the bar groove. If the bar has a sprocket tip, this should be lubricated.
  5. Check that the bar and chain are getting sufficient oil.
  6. Check the saw chain with regard to visible cracks in the rivets and links, whether the saw chain is stiff or whether the rivets and links are abnormally worn. Replace if necessary.
  7. Sharpen the chain and check its tension and condition. Check the drive sprocket for excessive wear and replace if necessary.
  8. Clean the starter unit’s air intake. Clean the air filter.
  9. Check that the nuts and screws are tight.
  10. Check that the stop switch works correctly.
  11. Check that there is no fuel leakage from the engine. tank or fuel lines
  12. Check the cooling system daily.

Important! Before operating your chainsaw, be sure that you review the Chainsaw Operator and Safety Manual thoroughly. This manual includes safety warnings, the machine’s safety features and their functions and safe starting techniques, in addition to inspection and maintenance requirements that will assist in extending the machine’s life span.

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