Ride-On Mower11/02/2024

Cleaning a ride-on mower

For your ride-on mower to work optimally and at the highest capacity, you need to clean it before and after each use.

CAUTION: Do not use a high-pressure washer or a steam cleaner. Water can get into bearings and electrical connections and cause corrosion, which causes damage to the product.

WARNING: Before cleaning the product, make sure that it is turned off.

Battery-powered ride-on mower

  • Always clean the product with a brush first. Remove the grass and dirt on and around the drive system and the inlet to the cooling fan of the motor.
  • After cleaning with a brush, use a wet cloth to clean the ride-on mower.
  • Do not use water or detergent on electrical components or bearings.
  • Make sure that the battery and the battery charger are clean before the battery charger is connected to the product.
  • To clean the cutting deck, put it in the service position and hose the underside down with water. Before doing this, make sure that the power switch is set to the "0" position. Clean the upper part of the cutting deck with a dry brush.
  • When your ride-on mower is clean, start the cutting deck for a couple of minutes to blow off any remaining water.

Petrol-powered ride-on mower

  • Do not clean hot surfaces such as engine, muffler and exhaust system. Wait until the surfaces are cool, then remove grass or dirt.
  • Before cleaning the product with water, clean it with a brush. Remove grass cuttings and dirt on and around the transmission air intake and the engine.
  • Use running water from a hose to clean a ride-on mower. Do not use a pressure washer.
  • Do not aim the water at electrical components or bearings. Detergents usually cause additional damage.
  • To clean the cutting deck, put it in the service position and clean it with a water hose.

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