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Basic service for your lawn mower

In order for your lawn mower to work optimally, you need to perform basic service.

WARNING: To prevent accidental starts, remove the ignition cable from the spark plug or the power supply cord.

Engine oil

Drain the engine oil from your lawn mower:

  1. Place a container on the side of the product.
  2. Remove the oil tank cap and the dipstick.
  3. Tilt the product to drain the engine oil into the container.
  4. Wipe off any spilled oil with a cloth.
  5. After performing all tasks listed below, pour fresh engine oil into the product. Make sure to use the correct type of engine oil for your specific lawn mower. You can find the engine oil information for your lawn mower in the operator's manual. We recommend Husqvarna SAE 30 engine oil.

Air filter

Check if the air filter is dirty or damaged:

  1. Open the air filter housing.
  2. Clean the housing with a cloth.
  3. Take out the air filer and check it.
  4. Clean or replace the air filter, depending on how dirty or damaged it is. Note that the air filter type can vary depending on your lawn mower model. For the correct air filter type, refer to your operator's manual.

Spark plug

  1. Remove the spark plug.
  2. Replace the spark plug — make sure the spark plug is correct for your lawn mower model. You can find the spark plug information for your lawn mower in the operator's manual.
  3. Make sure that the spark plug is tightened correctly.

Fuel filter

WARNING: Drain all fuel from the product before changing the fuel filter.

Changing the fuel filter:

  1. Remove the clip.
  2. Remove the fuel hose and the fuel filter inside it.
  3. Replace the fuel filter and put the hose back into its original position.
  4. Attach the clip back on and make sure that there is no leakage from your product.

Care kits for Husqvarna lawn mowers:

Care kit with a foam filter

Care kid with a paper filter

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