Automower® robotic lawn mower navigation accuracy

The navigation accuracy of Automower® robotic lawn mowers varies depending on the specific model and the features available in your mower.

Automower® X-line mowers:

These mowers utilise GPS-assisted navigation, ensuring a precision level of 3–5 metres or 10–16 feet.

Automower® models with AIM Technology:

If your Automower® model supports AIM Technology, you can define work areas and stay-out zones with a precision of approximately 1 metre or 3 feet. Click here to find out which models support AIM Technology.

Automower® models with EPOS™ Technology:

For the utmost precision, models equipped with EPOS™ Technology offer a navigation accuracy of 2–3 centimetres or 1–2 inches across the entire work area.

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