Alarm! Outside geofence – Automower® error message

The message Alarm! Outside GeoFence is displayed when the Automower® robotic lawn mower is moved outside its designated GeoFence. This may occur if the mower is stolen or transported to a dealer for winter storage. To avoid triggering the alarm, remember to turn off the GeoFence before intentionally moving the product outside the work area.

However, the message can also be displayed when the product is inside the work area. Here are some common causes:

  • GeoFence settings: The GeoFence settings need to be adjusted (radius and sensitivity).
  • GeoFence centre point: The current centre point of the GeoFence needs to be reset. This can be the case in parts of the work area where the GPS signal is weak or inconsistent.

Our Product Assistant can help you find the solution for your specific case.

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For personalised assistance with your robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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