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The Ultimate Gardening & Lawn Care Guide - 10 Tasks To Do This Summer

Sun, swimming, holidays and BBQs… Summer is here! Of course, along with the warmer weather comes a load of things you'll need to do in the garden to keep it in tip-top shape! That is especially the case in a La Nina year, where the warmer weather is combined with plenty of rainfall. You'd almost certainly have noticed just how quickly your lawns are growing and just how often you're needing to mow, to keep up! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the grass is growing.

From when to water to how to keep your lawns looking fresh and neat, here's everything you need to do this Summer to keep your garden in shape!

Water When it's Cooler (But Only When Necessary!)

Watering is usually a no-brainer in the warmer Aussie months, but things change a bit in a La Nina year, as rainfall is greatly increased and peak temperatures are generally lower. You'll need to keep a close eye on your gardens and lawns and water only when necessary, especially if you go for a few hot days with no rainfall. It's a fine line because it's very easy to over-water in La Nina weather, so listen to your plants and regularly check the soil for moisture levels. When you do water, remember the golden Summer rule - water in the cooler parts of the day, not when the sun is at its harshest!

Protect New Plants

Any new plants you may have put in the ground will need some extra TLC in the warmer months, especially veggies and fruit plants. New plants need time to adjust to the harsh sun, so try to give them partial shade. Utilising 50% shade cloth is a great idea! 

Flowers and plants

Keep Your Lawn Long

You'll need to mow much more frequently in the warmer months, but try not to use that as a reason for going shorter. Because your lawn is growing that much faster in Summer, cutting it too short will result in "scalping" your lawn, which will result in yellow-brown patches. Keeping it longer will also help to deter weeds and bindis.

For those using a robotic mower such as Husqvarna's Automower®, make sure you adjust the programming and the height of the mower for Summer. Your little robotic helper will be pulling in extra long hours over Summer, so make sure you keep it serviced and in good condition!

Keep On Top of Those Hedges

Hopefully, you cut back any overgrown hedges before the weather got too warm! Keeping on top of your hedges to maintain their health and shape is paramount in the warmer months, again, especially in a La Nina year when your plants are growing very quickly.

For taller hedges, consider ditching the ladder and buying a pole hedge trimmer such as the Husqvarna 520iHE3. Doing so will make regular hedge trimming of large and tall hedges far less of a chore!

Pole hedgetrimmer 536LiHE3

Care for Your Pot Plants

During Summer, plants that are in pots can quite easily overheat. This is especially true for any plants in stone or terracotta pots. Consider moving them into areas that only get direct sunlight during the cooler hours of the day (i.e. morning or late afternoon). Keep a close eye on the soil's moisture levels and water thoroughly when required, remembering to do so in the cooler hours of the day as well.

Stay On Top Of Lawn Damage

With the increased rainfall that La Nina brings, you must keep a close eye on your lawns, as this weather system can do some serious damage to both your lawn and the soil it's in, especially if it becomes waterlogged. If this should happen, your lawn is more susceptible to pests, weeds and nutrient loss. In addition, should you notice any yellowing or dropping grass leaves, you'll need to look into how you can improve the drainage in your yard to prevent waterlogging.

Stay On Top Of the Weeds!

In steamy, wet summers, it's not just your lawns that will grow quickly - weeds in your garden beds can quickly get out of control as well! If you didn't mulch pre-summer, it's a good idea to do so. However, before you lay any mulch in Summer, ensure that you remove all the weeds first, don't be tempted to just lay mulch over them. The last thing you want is the weeds to quickly grow through your nice fresh mulch!

Summer Fertilising

While fertilising generally takes place in the pre-summer months, it's sometimes wise to fertilise in Summer as well, especially to ease any nutrient deficiencies that may be caused by the warm weather combined with the extra rainfall. Just make sure you select the right fertiliser! You'll want to ensure that you use a controlled-release fertiliser in Summer to avoid over-feeding your plants or lawn.


Protect Your Lawn From Increased Stress

With Summer comes an increase in lawn foot traffic. The kids will no doubt spend plenty of hours in the yard playing with their Christmas gifts, and the family and friends you have over for those Summer BBQs will likewise spend a lot of time trampling on your lawns! Applying various natural fertilisers strategically before hosting a BBQ or any extended outdoor activity is a good way to keep your lawn relatively stress-free.

Look After Yourself!

The increased time you spend in the yard during Summer can mean being exposed to harsh sunlight and hot temperatures, so it needs to be said - look after yourself! Try to restrict any yard work to the cooler hours of the day, i.e. before 10 am or after 4 pm. And of course, don't forget to slip, slop, slap - A hat, good body covering, and sunblock are absolute musts! Finally, don't forget to stay hydrated as well. Drink plenty of water, and don't be shy about raiding the kids' Zooper Dooper supplies!

Summer Gardening Sorted

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