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How to Setup and Use a Pressure | Washer Outdoor Cleaning Quick Tips & Tricks

When it comes to maximum power and control over your outdoor cleaning, a pressure washer can make quick work of demanding tasks. Say goodbye to backbreaking and muscle aching manual scrubbing and washing down, and hello to squeaky-clean surfaces in minutes.

Using the power of pressurised water to remove ingrained dirt, stains and debris, a pressure washer can use as much as 80% less water for outdoor cleaning than a regular garden hose - good for water conservation and your utility bills. Plus, all Husqvarna models are self-priming, letting you tap into alternative water sources such as rain tanks.

Versatile, powerful and easy to use, pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes. The PW 235R is the perfect choice for homeowners and small-scale greenspace businesses looking for impressive cleaning power, a compact design, and various accessories. To help you crack on with your cleaning tasks as quickly as possible, here are a few simple setup tips to get you started.

PW 360 Clean stone, stairs

Pressure Washer Basic Setup

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll use the Husqvarna PW 235R as an example. However, most pressure washers will follow the same or a similar setup. After the initial setup is complete, the only things you’ll need to switch out and change are the accessories. Of course, these are optional and can help you make the most out of your pressure washer - but not essential.

Here’s how to set up your high-pressure cleaner:

  1. Take your brand new pressure washer out of its box and remove any bags.
  2. Take the hose reel and line it up with the holes in the handle. Then insert the hand crank and bolt on each side to fix it in place.
  3. Place the handle onto the fittings at the top of the pressure washer, then push it down firmly to lock it into position.
  4. Next, remove the cover from the water inlet pipe and affix the hose attachment screw.
  5. Take the water outlet pipe and click it into the trigger attachment.
  6. Next, click the outlet pipe into the outlet point on the front of the machine.
  7. Click the wand and the attachment tip onto the handpiece, turning to lock.
  8. Fix the hose to the water inlet attachment, then turn the water on.
  9. Plug the machine into the mains power, then pull on the hand trigger to activate the water flow.
  10. Adjust the pressure via the convenient remote pressure control.
  11. To change attachments, simply twist the current one anti-clockwise to remove it and then attach the required one by turning it clockwise.

It’s recommended to not have the power running when the water flow is not connected or turned on. After use, turn off the power, then pull the hand trigger to empty any remaining water in the pipe and machine before storing away.

Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Pressure washers come with plenty of different uses, making them perfect for keeping your car, driveway and outdoor spaces sparkling clean throughout the year. If you’ve only thought about using it for cleaning stonework, here are a few other ways you can put it to work.

Car Cleaning:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as spending a sunny afternoon cleaning the car, bringing it back to its original shiny self. Of course, a sponge and bucket will do the trick, but for a professional-level clean that takes care of every inch, blasting debris, mud, sand and dust into oblivion - a pressure cleaner, its original attachments, and a vehicle cleaning kit are all you need. The addition of an inbuilt detergent tank makes cleaning and waxing a cinch.

PW 360 Cleaning car Foam sprayer

Drains & Gutters:

Blocked drains, gutters and pipes can cost a small fortune to have fixed. The quickest and easiest way to deal with them yourself is with a self-feeding pipe cleaning hose. Using the power of water under extreme pressure, it effortlessly blasts through blockages and buildups, breaking them apart and flushing them away.

Furniture & Fences:

Over the years, woodwork can start to look dull, lack-lustre and in need of some TLC. While stonework is pretty resilient to high-pressure cleaning, woodwork needs something a little more gentle. Instead of using maximum pressure, dial it down to prevent splintering and cracking. Choosing a flat nozzle and following the grain works best to minimise any damage. Once cleaned, allow to dry thoroughly before applying any wood stain, paint or sealant to prevent moisture locking in.


Whether ground floor, first floor, conservatory or skylight, dirty windows don’t only look ugly, but they also minimise the energy efficiency of the glazing. Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be a chore though. A foam sprayer and an angled spray lance will remove all surface debris, soften and remove dirt, dust and bird mess, leaving the glass sparkling without any scrubbing.

Paths, Driveways, Patios & Walls:

Removing years of stubborn dirt, algae and muck can take time to remove entirely. While spray attachments are ideal for doing this, a rotating surface cleaner is ideal for scrubbing large surfaces, be it a wall, patio, path, driveway, decking or terraces. The power regulator makes it simple for you to choose the best water pressure for your cleaning needs, while the rotating head is designed to scrub without spray-back.

Tight or Sharp Corners: 

Sometimes, there’s not enough space to be able to manoeuvre into the right position to get into the guttering, beneath the car chassis, between tight gaps and under low furniture. An angled spray lance makes tight spaces easy to clean, removing the need to bend, stretch and over-reach.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With a fantastic selection of high-pressure cleaners available, finding the perfect one for your needs is easier than you think. Still not sure which model is the right one for you? Learn more about the Husqvarna range of pressure washers. Plus, with the self-priming function, the ability to use alternative water sources is possible, meaning it transports easily and is the perfect companion for RVs, camper trailers and off-grid properties.

Large or small, keeping your outdoor spaces in tip-top condition takes a simple pull of a trigger and a few awesome accessories. Looking for more tips, tricks and guides to get your garden or greenspace in order? Check out our archive of related tools and topics, right here.