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How to say Goodbye to Manually Mowing Lawns For Good

Lawn mowing is a necessary fact of life if you're a homeowner. The chances are that even if you aren't a big fan of getting the mower out of the shed and getting stuck into it, that you'll do it anyway because you want a lawn that's going to impress. After all, there is something about a neat and tidy lawn that adds to any home!

There's no doubt that mowing your lawn can be a time-consuming job, especially in the warmer months when you really need to be mowing on a weekly basis. That's why the addition of a robotic mower to your yard can be such a great idea. But the time saving benefits of a robotic mower such as the Husqvarna Automower®  are just the beginning. Here's why investing in a robot lawn mower will allow you to say goodbye to mowing lawns for good!

Automower 550

Reliable and Proven

The first thing to know about robotic mowers is that they're not all that new. In fact, Husqvarna launched the world's very first automatic lawn mower all the way back in 1995! Called the Solar/Turtle Mower, it generated headlines around the world and launched interest world-wide in the robot lawn mowing concept. And it was only three years later that Husqvarna launched their first generation of Automower®. It was the basis of many of the features we still see in modern-day robotic mowers, such as round-the-clock automated mowing and automatic return to its charging station.

These days, we're seeing the benefits of over 25 years worth of innovation when it comes to robot lawn mowing. And those 25 years have proven that the concept and the viability of Automower® is a sound one. The modern-day Automower® is highly reliable thanks to those decades of innovation, and can be trusted to operate day-in-day-out with minimal downtime, giving your lawn that perfect finish round the clock.

More time for what Matters

As we touched on, mowing your lawn can be a time-consuming part of maintaining your yard and garden, especially in the warmer months. Plus, for yard maintenance professionals, mowing is something that can take a staff member or yourself away from more profitable jobs or tasks for extended periods.

Because robotic mowers are specifically designed to operate autonomously, they allow you to reclaim all that time and do with it as you want. For homeowners, this could mean more time spent with family and friends or more time spent in that veggie patch that has been a bit neglected through lack of time. For professionals, it could mean focusing on going that extra mile for a client and really impressing them, or even allowing you the time to take on new clients.    

A Better Quality Lawn

Because robotic mowers like the Husqvarna Automower® mow constantly, it's only trimming a little bit of your lawn at a time. This means there's no yellowing or discolouration due to overcutting. Because the clippings return to the ground, they self-fertilise your lawn which improves the natural growth and quality of the grass. Literally, the more your Automower® is out there working, the healthier your grass gets!

With a robotic mower, achieving a carpet-like bowling green style lawn is not just achievable, it's practically a given!

Automower 435X AWD

Safe and Sound

One of the common questions people ask about robot lawn mowers is: "Are they safe?", and the fact is Automower® has been specifically designed with safety in mind.

It begins with a durable design, where rubber bumper, reliable ball bearings and brushless motor are essential parts. While working, Automower® automatically detects objects in its cutting path to avoid collision damage, which makes it perfect for families who have kids that may be prone to leaving their toys in the yard!

Automower 305

The blades are not fixed but pivoting – and they instantly fold back into the cutting disc when touching an object. Any imbalance in the cutting system (caused by blades not being mounted correctly) is automatically detected.

Another thing that many people ask is if robotic mowers feature any theft prevention measures. With Automower®, Theft can be prevented thanks to an alarm that is set off when the mower is picked up. The alarm can only be turned off by entering the product-unique PIN code. GPS tracking is also available on selected models, so you can track your mower's position from anywhere in the world, learn more.

Love it or Your Money Back

Because Husqvarna have been developing Automower® for over 25 years, they're so confident that you'll love the product that they're offering a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. So purchase a new Husqvarna Automower®, have it installed by your local dealer and if, after 45 days, you're not completely satisfied, you'll be entitled to a refund of your Automower® purchase price (no refund on install charge). See here for full terms and conditions.

For more information on Automower®, visit the Automower® page.