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Battery Life of a Robot Lawn Mower | How to Get More Out of Your Automower®

Robot lawn mowers such as Automower® make manual lawn care a thing of the past. Able to keep grass perfectly trimmed throughout the year, they work tirelessly to create a carpet-like finish that is thick, healthy and green. With whisper-quiet operation, zero direct exhaust emissions and the ability to mow come rain or shine, Automower® is able to transform once-tired lawns into the envy of the street.

To help you get the most out of your robot mower, there are a few things you can do to boost battery life and performance. Here’s how to get more out of your Automower® the right way.

How long does an Automower® battery last?

The lifetime of an Automower® battery largely depends on the set running time of the lawn mower. Batteries have been shown to last, on average, around 2 – 4 years. Of course, larger lawns that are mowed daily would see the battery deplete faster than a smaller lawn mowed twice weekly, so the actual battery life will be unique to your own lawn and mowing schedule.

One of the first signs that the battery for your lawn mower is showing its age and in need of being replaced is when you notice that the mower is not spending enough time on the lawn and is returning to the charging station too often. Your authorised dealer can replace the old battery quickly and easily, essentially resetting the working life of your mower and keeping it in the best condition possible.

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How to improve Automower® battery life?

As with all battery-powered tools, there are certain things that you can do to maximise the power and performance of the battery for your lawn mower. From regular cleaning to blade changes and switching up the mowing schedule to setting a weather timer, a few little tweaks to the way you use and maintain your Automower® can add hours to its working life.

  • Clean the cutting deck and wheels regularly to remove any dirt or caked-on grass. This will reduce drag on the wheels, which in turn reduces the amount of battery power needed to move the robot mower around the lawn. The Automower® Cleaning & Maintenance Kit can help with this.
  • Replace the blades every couple of months. Sharp blades cut through grass like a hot knife through butter, reducing power consumption and preserving the battery. Using the correct type of blades for the grass you have can also help boost power saving during operation.
  • Decrease the amount of time your Automower® is set to run during the dry season by utilising the Husqvarna Weather Timer. This will not have any negative impact on lawn maintenance as grass growth slows.
  • Use IFTTT Applets to create a set of energy-saving routines, such as only mowing when nobody is home or after your Gardena watering system has finished its watering cycle. 
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Automower® servicing routine

Your robot lawn mower will perform at its best when it receives regular servicing and maintenance at an authorised Automower® dealer. While some things can be taken care of at home, such as changing your mower blades or cleaning the wheels, other things need a professional touch. From reading the software to reprogramming, Automower® works best when maintained and updated.

  • Performing a yearly service on your Automower® is highly recommended as your authorised Automower® dealer will be able to run extensive diagnostics and optimisations that keep your mower running reliably, year after year.
  • Regular servicing and maintenance not only keeps your mower in the best condition possible but also ensures your lawn receives the cut it deserves.
  • Your Automower® dealer or installation team can reprogramme how much time your mower spends searching for the charging station. This can play a big part in the battery life of your machine. Ideally, your mower should have a maximum search time of approx 5% when it looks for its charging station. 

Best practices for better battery life

While most battery boosting practices are common sense, there are a few things you can do that make a real difference to the runtime and working life of your Automower® battery. Most of these are easy to implement and can make all the difference to the overall cut and finish of your lawn.

  •  For best performance and battery life, it's recommended to keep the Automower® charging station in a shaded or cool location, as this can help to keep the battery running reliably for longer.
  • At times, dirt can get into the sensors and cause Automower® to inaccurately read its surroundings. For example, if there is too much dust on the front lift sensor, you may find that your robot lawn mower will show a permanent lift error. All you need to do is grab a bucket of water and a brush or cloth to give it a good clean, and it will be mowing your lawn like normal in no time at all.
  • Be sure to take your robot lawn mower in for an annual servicing at your local authorised dealer. This will allow any issues to be caught early and rectified, along with implementing any recommended tweaks to improve run time. 
  • Check the Automower® Connect Kit App for regular updates on battery life, working time and other useful data. This can help you understand where your mower uses most of its power and make any changes as needed to improve it.

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