Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II
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Leaf blowing upgraded - new Husqvarna 580BTS petrol backpack blower

When it comes to commercial landscape gardening and green space maintenance, time is of the essence. Every professional knows that the job they do will only ever be as good as the tools they use - so to be the best, you need to use the best. The 580BTS Leaf Blower packs a mighty punch when it comes to raw power and performance. With an air-speed velocity of 93 metres per second and a vibration-dampening system, working without pain or discomfort has never been easier. Better yet, the 11.8kg total weight is evenly distributed across the backpack design, helping to minimise fatigue. Every inch of this blower has been created specifically for quick and easy professional clean-up. From leaf blowing on lawns to keeping roads, paths and driveways clear from debris, complete power, control and manoeuvrability let you get the job done in less time.

The Benefits of the Husqvarna 580BTS

Made with the professional in mind, the Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower is a powerful, versatile and durable blower that comes loaded with benefits and features. Easy to assemble and dismantle when performing general upkeep and maintenance, everything from the effects of vibrations on the body to unpleasant noise pollution has been thought about.

To help you get to work and better understand how to use and maintain your backpack blower, here are some of the most common leaf blower troubleshooting questions people ask.

Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II

How to Assemble the 580BTS Leaf Blower

If you’ve dismantled your leaf blower to perform a deep clean here is a quick step-by-step assembly guide that will have it back up and running in minutes.

Blowpipe and Control Handle

  1. To connect the blowpipe and control handle, begin by lubricating the pipes. This will make it easier to connect the control pipe to the flexible hose. Take the supplied hardware and clamp both ends of the flexible pipe in place.
  2. Fix the handle holder onto the control pipe and securely tighten the knob into position.
  3. Align the convex of the control pipe with the handle holder then adjust the angle and position to one that’s most comfortable for you to work with. Fasten the cabling to the flexible hose with the supplied clamp.
  4. Connect the pipe end to the straight pipe by pushing them together and  twist to lock into position.

How to Start and Stop the Leaf Blower

As the 580BTS blower is a professional machine, it does carry some weight to it. While this weight load is optimised across the straps, the safest and easiest way to start it is by:

  1. If the engine is cold, push the choke lever to the closed choke position.
  2. Push the air purge bulb repeatedly until fuel starts to fill the air purge bulb. It is not necessary to fill the air purge bulb fully.
  3. Push the throttle lever to the 1/3 speed position.
  4. Put the product on a flat surface on the ground. Hold the product with the left hand.
  5. Put your right foot on the frame.
  6. Pull the starter rope handle slowly until resistance occurs.
  7. Pull the starter rope handle quickly with the right hand until the engine starts or attempts to start, maximum 10 times. If the engine starts, move the choke lever gradually to the open position.
    Note: Do not pull the starter rope handle to full extension and do not let go of the starter rope handle.
  8. Move the choke lever to the open choke position until the choke lever stops.
  9. Pull the starter rope handle repeatedly until the engine starts and continues to run.
  10. If the engine does not start, repeat steps 1 to 10 again.
  11. Let the engine run for 2-3 minutes to become warm before operation.

To stop your Husqvarna Backpack Leaf Blower, simply slide the stop switch into the stop position. This will automatically disable power and cut the engine.

Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II

How to Refuel the 580BTS Backpack Blower

The Husqvarna 580BTS Leaf Blower features a two-stroke engine which requires a mixture of two-stroke oil and petrol. Accurate measurement is important, as is using a high-quality fuel of at least 90 octanes to help prevent overheating, engine knocking or engine damage. It’s also important to use good-quality unleaded petrol, especially when working with continuous high revs.

How to Mix Fuel for 580BTS

Begin by filling your clean fuel container or fuel can with 50% of the required amount of unleaded petrol. Next, place all of the measured two-stroke oil into the container, tighten the lid and then shake to combine and mix the two. Finally, add the remaining 50% of petrol to the mixture, tighten the lid and then shake again to ensure it is thoroughly mixed.

For maximum ease of mixing and performance, it’s recommended to use Husqvarna Two-Stroke Oil which has been specifically formulated for our tools. You can use an alternative if you can’t find our oil, but ensure you avoid any oil made for water-cooled engines and four-stroke oil as these could cause damage to the engine.

Petrol - Two-Stroke Oil Mixing Guide

 50:1 or 2.00%33:1 or 3.03%
5 L 100 ML152 ML
10 L200 ML303 ML
15 L300 ML455 ML
20 L400 ML606 ML

*When mixing fuel for your 580BTS blower, it’s recommended to mix no more than a 1-month supply at a time. If your blower is going into storage, remove any fuel from the tank to prevent fuel contamination.

Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II

Main Features of the 580BTS Blower

As our most powerful professional leaf blower to date, you can expect to find our time-tested and trusted features as standard. Of course, as an industry leader, you can expect that little bit extra - designed to make your work as safe and efficient as possible. Some of the main features you’ll find on the 580BTS Blower include:

X-Torq® Engine Design

- Boost fuel efficiency by up to 20%, while reducing exhaust emissions by up to 75% thanks to the X-Torq® engine design.

High Velocity

- Enjoy superior airflow and speed with the optimised combination of an advanced fan and X-Torq® engine design, air injection and a commercial two-stage air filtration system perfect for longer operation in dusty conditions.

Cruise Control

- Set your desired fan speed and get to work without distraction when engaging cruise control. The ergonomic handle featuring rubber inserts allows for a comfortable working position, ideal for larger or ongoing tasks.

Load-Reducing Harness

- Wide shoulder straps and a hip belt made from materials designed to maximise comfort and ventilation, while evenly distributing the load for a more comfortable, less tiring experience.

Offset Handle

- Experience maximum control and manoeuvrability with the in-built offset handle, made to prevent the arm from being drawn down when in use.

Vibration Dampening

- Excessive vibrations for extended periods of time can have negative effects on the body. The 580BTS has a vibration dampening system that reduces vibrations, resulting in a safer, more comfortable blower.

Ready to Upgrade Your Everyday?

Been thinking about getting the Husqvarna 570BTS Leaf Blower? It’s now been upgraded and replaced by the 580BTS Blower, featuring more power and durability than ever before. As our most powerful backpack blower to date, you can count on Husqvarna to help your business take off in the right direction.

Want to learn more about the blowing and cleanup power of our most powerful backpack leaf blower? Visit your local Husqvarna dealer today and get ready to take your professional gardening and landscaping services to the next level.

Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II