118.8 cm³
Cylinder displacement
6.2 kW
Power output1
20.1 m/s
Chain speed at max power

Product variant

Bar length
Bar length (inch)
What's included
HUSQVARNA 3120 XP® - 965 96 07‑62


  • Nose type
    Replaceable sprocket nose
  • Spikes
  • Chain type
  • Bar length (inch)
    28 in

Professional 119cc chainsaw built for felling the largest trees

The 3120 XP is one of the world’s most powerful chainsaws. Built for professionals who fell the largest dimensions of trees and extremely hard types of wood. The 3120 XP® commercial chainsaw features good ergonomics and excellent power-to-weight ratio. Easy to start thanks to Smart Start®. Equipped with a chain brake, chain catcher and right hand guard for maximum safety, the slim, lightweight body with a high centre of gravity makes it easy to carry and use.
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28" RSN .404" 1,6 mm H57

Art no: 965 96 07‑62

28" RSN .404" 1,6 mm H57
Art no: 965 96 07‑62
3120XP-32" RSN-.404" -AU/NZ
Art no: 965 96 07‑63
3120XP-36" RSN"-.404" -AU/NZ
Art no: 965 96 07‑64
3120XP-42" RSN-.404" -AU/NZ
Art no: 965 96 07‑65
3120XP CHAINSAW 24 3/8 HN
Art no: 966 82 53‑01
3120XP CHAINSAW 28 3/8 HN
Art no: 966 82 54‑01
Chain speed at max power20.1 m/s20.1 m/s20.1 m/s20.1 m/s20.1 m/s20.1 m/s
Cylinder displacement118.8 cm³118.8 cm³118.8 cm³118.8 cm³118.8 cm³118.8 cm³
Power output1
6.2 kW6.2 kW6.2 kW6.2 kW6.2 kW6.2 kW
Recommended bar length, min60 cm60 cm60 cm60 cm60 cm60 cm
Recommended bar length, max105 cm105 cm105 cm105 cm105 cm105 cm
Chain typeH64H64
Bar length70 cm81 cm90 cm105 cm60 cm70 cm
Bar length (inch)28 in32 in36 in42 in24 in28 in
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)10.4 kg10.4 kg10.4 kg10.4 kg10.4 kg10.4 kg
Sound and noise
Sound pressure level at operators ear102 dB(A)102 dB(A)102 dB(A)102 dB(A)102 dB(A)102 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)116 dB(A)116 dB(A)116 dB(A)116 dB(A)116 dB(A)116 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle7.8 m/s²7.8 m/s²7.8 m/s²7.8 m/s²7.8 m/s²7.8 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²
Owner support
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Product support for 3120 XP®
  • 1Power output: Net power rating as per ISO 7293, at specified RPM
  • 2Exhaust emissions (CO₂ EU V): This CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions a(n) (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) and shall not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.