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A revolution for handheld battery power tools

Power and durability or low-noise and sustainability? With our backpack battery solution you no longer have to choose.
“This takes the battery product range to a whole new level”, says Johan Svennung, Product Manager, Electric & Battery Handheld at Husqvarna.

Husqvarna’s handheld battery products are all built around one interchangeable 36V battery system, enabling the same battery to be used with a complete fleet of professional tools. Husqvarna’s backpack battery solution boosts the runtime of this entire line with up to 7 times the current performance.

“This takes the battery product range to a whole new level. For example, being able to work with a trimmer for more than eight hours will redefine the way professionals look at battery power tools. When launching these products we used the phrase ‘petrol performance – without the petrol’. This is now more true than ever,” says Johan.

So what’s it like to work with a backpack battery?

“First of all, its ergonomic harness makes it remarkably comfortable to carry. It gently follows every move and can be adjusted to fit any body size. The adaptor is detachable from the battery cord, which enables users to put the backpack on comfortably before connecting to their tool. And if something should catch the cord during operation it will detach instantly. However, the biggest advantage is of course the freedom it brings, enabling users to work up to a full day without having to stop and recharge.”

What are the main professional benefits that come with choosing a battery product?

“When you work continuously for many hours, factors such as low weight, low noise and no direct emissions are important. Our battery-powered machines are excellent options for professional workers because of these qualities as well as for their ease of use.”

Battery grass trimmer from Husqvarna One battery fits all

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