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Looking to buy a tree care chainsaw dedicated to an arborist or tree surgeon? See our range of tree care chainsaws with a top handle in both petrol and battery electric, with X-Precision™ and X-CUT™ chains to increase your cutting capacity further.

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Which tree care chainsaw to buy?

The Husqvarna tree care chainsaw is an excellent choice for advanced tree work. This compact professional tree care chainsaw is ideal for tree climbing, pruning or section felling. You find it in the full range from 25cc, either in petrol or battery electric. The chainsaw is perfect for full time, arborist use.

Husqvarna offers a whole ecosystem of arborist supplies, tree surgeon equipment and tree climbing gear for professional tree care. Our products are developed for and together with the professional tree care community to meet the needs of every arborist. See our full range of chainsaws and also our professional chainsaws.