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All-wheel drive lawn mowers

Why all-wheel drive? Whether you want to cut the grass and be done or enjoy mowing and creating a well manicured lawn, you need a 4 wheel drive lawn mower that is tailor-made for both you and your yard. Husqvarna's awd family of lawn mowers offer you the balance and power in tough lawn mowing conditions.


Husqvarna’s latest innovation is based on a simple fact: the earth is not flat. Its hills, valleys and uneven terrain inspired us to create a line of all-wheel drive gas lawn mowers that help make easy work of any mowing challenge. The earth isn’t flat. But with a Husqvarna all-wheel drive lawn mower, it sure could feel that way.

AWD walk lawn mowers

The Husqvarna all-wheel drive walk behind lawn mower allows you to easily handle hills, thick grass and tough terrain. All-wheel drive technology provides simultaneous power to all 4 wheels giving you maximum control and maneuverability.


Outstanding lawn mower - the best I've ever owned! It has made my uphill back yard battles literally a cake walk as I follow behind it. Thank you for the wonderful product!...

TBodz (Highland Village, Texas) on HU800AWD lawn mower

AWD riding lawn mower

Husqvarna's powerful and versatile rider comes with a twin-cylinder engine, optional combi and side ejection cutting decks. The articulated steering system and front-mounted cutting deck enables intuitive operation, excellent mowing accessibility and great overview of your working area. All-wheel drive remarkably increases and secures handling on uneven, wet and slippery areas as well as on slopes.

AWD riding lawn mower's by far the best mower that I've ever owned. Because of the turning radius, I am able to cut in places that I could only reach before with a trimmer. Because of the 4WD, I am not worried at all about slipping or getting hung up...

Mikang (Marquette, Michigan) on R 322T AWD riding mower

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